Oh yay, my first post.

Apparently this isn’t my first post, wordpress has already posted my first post for me.

Thank you for that, WP.

Since I’m a little stranger to y’all let me try and describe myself to you, so that you have a slight idea of who you’re dealing with.

I’m a teenage girl, in my late 17’s, asian, tall, well atleast I think I am, haha, fair, with skin a mix of yellow and light brown (the indian kind) and big gullible brown eyes, people say I’m the correct weight, but I feel like I need to lose a few pounds here and there, but then who doesn’t?

So we’re done with the physical part. Moving on to my person-al-li-ty. I’m as stubborn as a bull, and I will get what I want at ANY cost. I don’t like being forced into doing things. I can’t stand fake people, I wanna poke their eyes out.  I like people who can make me laugh, like really laugh. I feel out of my comfort zone with people I don’t know, I need to have my friends around me at all times. I’ll be friendly to you, if you’re friendly to me. I can be a really good friend. I get attached to people real easy, and I’m not sure it’s a good thing. I’m not an open person, I’m not a loner, but I’m also not the kinda person, who, if they’re upset, will go babble about it to the whole wide world. Nope, I’m the kinda person who’ll cocoon myself and keep everything to myself and try to solve all my problems on my own. I hate that about myself. But that’s who I am.

Hmm..looks, character, what have we left? Ah yes, hobbies?

I’m into books, I’m SOOOOO into books!! And right now I have this Sidney Sheldon craze. I also love music, good movies and, how could I forget, YOGA. ❤  I love languages, currently learning German, and if anyone knows a good way to learn Italian, don’t hesitate to let me know.

I’m available at all (most of the) times at sillyoldmexoxo@gmail.com

P.S if anyone knows how to cure a Facebook addiction do let me know. I’d appreciate it.


7 thoughts on “Oh yay, my first post.

  1. Thankyou for visiting my Blog and welcome to Blogland. I hope it provides you with a great outlet and I look forward to reading your thoughts

  2. Dev!l says:

    Uh did anyone tell you that you also talk to much? 😛

  3. Be Real Be Happy says:

    Thanks for the comment and on my blog, and welcome to the blogging world.

  4. Thanks for your comment. I like your blog too – it’s very honest and I’m sure plenty of 17-year-olds will know exactly where you’re coming from.

  5. Gabby Angel says:

    Thanks again for visiting my twin sister Autumn’s and my blog. I didn’t realize you were new to blogging, a welcome is in order! Keep writing! 🙂

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