I’m sorry!!

Hey there guys ❤

There’s a problem with my internet connection  at home so I’ve not been able to blog for a while now 😦

I’m getting it fixed asap.

See y’all then.




Feelin’ happy? ❤

The past few days, I was depressed, unhappy, unsatisfied, and cranky.

I realized I was searching for reasons to be happy. How silly.

Who needs reason? Just be happy!

There are people who want you sad, who want you unhappy, who are just waiting for things to go wrong. There are obstacles, failures, and there’s bad luck.

But instead of worrying and giving a shit, we can just be happy. Not for anyone, just for ourselves.

So, I’m on my Christmas break, going to go for some girl-only time [come on , we all need it] with my friends. ❤

And I’m going to be very very happy, just because. I don’t need a reason. Neither do you. 🙂




Can you fill in the blank? 🙂

Wrong, or right? ❤

If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything. I’m positive that a doer makes mistakes.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           – John Wooden.


I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my not so long life. I’ve lied to the people that trusted me, I hurt the people that loved me, I ignored the people that wanted me, I avoided the people that needed me, expecting them to be there for me when I needed them. And surprisingly, they were there for me at all times, despite the things I did and the words I said. Of course not everyone, but I’m glad, because now I know the people who can love me at my best, and handle me at my worst.

I’ve got involved in a relationship, I made a lot of mistakes there, I got my heart broken, and broken again and I’m still healing. But I’m glad, ’cause now I know what kind of people this World has to offer.

My Dad has left us this year, I don’t know if it’s my fault, but even if it is, I’m glad because now I know what a wonderful strong person my mother is, supporting me and my brother all on her own.

I’ve been ignorant to some of my duties, and I’ve learnt that there are consequences to everything, and unless you’re prepared, don’t go that way. I’m more responsible now.

I’ve grown a lot this year, and I’ve become a better person than I was last year.

I’m a better daughter, a better sister, a better friend, a better student, and hopefully I’ll be a better girlfriend sometime soon.

I’ve become more mature and more independent now, and I can answer for my own mistakes.

So don’t let a couple of mistakes affect you, because, two wrongs always, always make a right.  ❤



Dear Heart.

Dear  ♥,

I’m sorry I wasn’t careful, I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you. I’m sorry I let thing things get out of control, I’m sorry I let someone hurt you. I didn’t mean for it to happen, he just came into my life  and won me over. He was the most magical thing ever. He showed me things I never thought I could feel. He showed me love, he showed me happiness, he showed me care. I loved him, and so did you, he made both of us feel good. We both needed him, he was our drug, our Ecstasy.  We didn’t know how, but we got too attached to him. He was all that mattered to me, and I made him all that mattered to you too. Sometimes I chose him over you, and I’m sorry for that. I should have known to trust you more. I should’ve known. I knew what was coming, but i chose to ignore it, I thought things would get better, but they didn’t. I made the mistake of choosing him over you, he didn’t do the same, he chose someone else. I’m so sorry I did that to you. I’m sorry I let him break you, I’m sorry, I really am. He meant the World to me, but I guess he loved her more. I always knew, but I ignored it all along and I let this happen to us, to you. If I were to reverse my life, I promise I’d make the right choice. But I can’t. All I can promise is that in the future I won’t make the same mistake and I will never hurt you.

Your one and only,


What talent is.

How many of you have come across this Youtube “celebrity” RayWilliamJohnson? Or at least that’s the name he uses. Anyway, he is supposed to be the World’s MOST subscribed Youtube-r!

And what does he do? Come up with creative and funny videos? Make people laugh with his own talent? Uses his own original ideas? NO.

What he does basically, is, he looks up famous funny videos, and he, wait for it, reviews them. That’s it, he just reviews the videos. And makes a lot of really bad penis jokes. [Excuse my language.]

I mean, seriously, people actually fall for that? And SUBSCRIBE to that shit? This guy does nothing but talk about OTHER videos, not even his own stuff, and get’s all the publicity? He’s rude, and he’s RACIST. Not a very nice combo there. Ugh.

Now the Youtube-r that I really like is Ryan Higa, more popularly known on Youtube as nigahiga.


He’s this really funny guy, he comes up with his own videos, that are genuinely funny. He started making videos one summer, when he had fractured his arm, and he and his friends had nothing to do in the summer break. So they decided to make a video, and then months later when they checked up on it they found that it got a large number of views. That’s what got them started!

Now Ryan is huge. he’s got like this massive fan following, and 4 million subscribers, and he’s even in a band!! That’s something you really got to appreciate! And all that out of his own effort, his own ideas. Well, maybe he and his friends put together, but at least he’s not stealing other people’s videos!

Ryan used to be the most subscribed youtube-r. That is, until RWJ came along.

So I just want to share with the World how unfair this is and how we should bring real talent back.

Below is a link to Ryan Higa’s or nigahiga’s channel, so please do check out his videos and if you like them, share them with your friends.



Breaking d-o-wn?

I don’t understand what people have against Twilight. It’s really not that bad. And if you hate it so much then why watch it? I mean, not that I’m the greatest fan of the movies, I fell in love with the books, and I just watch the movies to see how they came out. Of course, no where as good as books.

Which gets me thinking, do people really need to make movies based on books? I mean, sometimes they really don’t do justice to the books. They cut out the most important roles, the characters are not portrayed as expected and you don’t get the same feeling like you did when you read the books. I was really disappointed with a few movies that were based on books. Not going to mention any names.

Coming back to Twilight, and this is just for the girls, hehe. If not watch Twilight for Twilight, then you can at least watch it for the hottie! And no, not Rob, I’m talking about Taylor-Oh-So-Smoking-Hot-Lautner. ❤ ❤

Plus, one thing I enjoyed about the movies are the songs. They were so beautiful.

Especially “A thousand years” by Christina Perri! If you haven’t heard it as yet, I will post the link to the video below.

So, to end it, Twilight is basically a movie for the fans. So if you don’t know the books, don’t watch the movies.