What talent is.

How many of you have come across this Youtube “celebrity” RayWilliamJohnson? Or at least that’s the name he uses. Anyway, he is supposed to be the World’s MOST subscribed Youtube-r!

And what does he do? Come up with creative and funny videos? Make people laugh with his own talent? Uses his own original ideas? NO.

What he does basically, is, he looks up famous funny videos, and he, wait for it, reviews them. That’s it, he just reviews the videos. And makes a lot of really bad penis jokes. [Excuse my language.]

I mean, seriously, people actually fall for that? And SUBSCRIBE to that shit? This guy does nothing but talk about OTHER videos, not even his own stuff, and get’s all the publicity? He’s rude, and he’s RACIST. Not a very nice combo there. Ugh.

Now the Youtube-r that I really like is Ryan Higa, more popularly known on Youtube as nigahiga.


He’s this really funny guy, he comes up with his own videos, that are genuinely funny. He started making videos one summer, when he had fractured his arm, and he and his friends had nothing to do in the summer break. So they decided to make a video, and then months later when they checked up on it they found that it got a large number of views. That’s what got them started!

Now Ryan is huge. he’s got like this massive fan following, and 4 million subscribers, and he’s even in a band!! That’s something you really got to appreciate! And all that out of his own effort, his own ideas. Well, maybe he and his friends put together, but at least he’s not stealing other people’s videos!

Ryan used to be the most subscribed youtube-r. That is, until RWJ came along.

So I just want to share with the World how unfair this is and how we should bring real talent back.

Below is a link to Ryan Higa’s or nigahiga’s channel, so please do check out his videos and if you like them, share them with your friends.




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