Makes you wonder..

You live with your family, in the same house, under the same roof, for 18 years, more or less. You think you know them well enough, you think you have a close relationship.. 

But everyone has skeletons in their closets, sometimes even the people who share their closets with you..

I recently came to know about what’s happening in my family members life. It hit me! Hard! Imagine, living with the same person for so long and thinking you know them better than most people do. And then you find out that you’re just like a stranger to them, just like anyone else on the streets. Unaware of what’s happening in their lives. 



2 thoughts on “Makes you wonder..

  1. Dev!l says:

    Lol yea well that’s what a lot of people say about me and I’m sure I can say about them as well… It’s just how life is. You never can fully know a person

  2. I’m just wondering what the skeleton is now

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