Be a Panda.

I’ve always wondered, you know, why do people think that their race is superior/inferior to other races. Who put white people on top, and blacks, sorry, African Americans, at the bottom? At this age and time? And where do brown people like me go then? This isn’t the 1900’s people, what your skin colour is shouldn’t define what you are, and who you are.

Which brings me to this.

 I’ve come here today to honor the memory of Kriss Donald, a Scottish fifteen year old kid, who was a victim of racism crime. And I know it isn’t fair to talk about a specific case when I’m going against the racism issue as a whole, but this is a story that really got to me. And I mean, we got to start somewhere. This is my start.

You can find the detailed story of the murder of Kriss Donald here

For those who don’t have the time, here’s his sad story in short. Kriss, was a fifteen year old Scottish boy. One night, in 2004, he was kidnapped by a group of Pakistani men, who tortured and finally murdered him, on the same night. His torture included being beat up several times, stabbed a lot of times, had his eyes poked out, and finally set to fire and left to die..
What was he guilty of? Being white?..

What really interested me in this case is that this is the first time I have heard of a White person being the victim. (am I still being racist? God this is hard). Not that I’m trying to put the blame on White people, the same way that not ALL Black, AGAIN, sorry, African American, or Middle Eastern people are murderers. There are just some people who lack humanity. They don’t deserve to even be classified, or acknowledged(and yet here I am), or to live. But then, who am I to judge who deserves to live and who doesn’t?

Back to the topic.
So this is Kriss’ story. Which really affected me. I guess I just wanted to share this with someone because I feel like I owe it to him, I owe it to him to let other people know of this horrible crime, of his sad fate, of his cruel and undeserved death.
I want him to know, wherever he is, that he is not forgotten, that he will live forever in our memories.

RIP Kriss Donald.
You are loved and remembered.

P.S. this is posted through my phone, so forgive me for all grammatical errors.

Yours truly


5 thoughts on “Be a Panda.

  1. eva626 says:

    Omg thats so sad and wrong!!

  2. Dev!l says:

    Actually with so much unnatural death happening all around, I guess people are just getting used to it. Also, racism is something that you can find almost everywhere on this earth and that really sickens me.

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