Mumbling, mumbling.

Its been a while, yes. But I’m back, for now. My college life is growing on me. Leaving me sort of dead tired and exhausted from the excessive work, but still, growing on me.

I’m in a random mood, and have a lot stuffed up on my little head, just waiting to burst out.

Which brings me to this.

Why do people want to be perfect?

I’ve met a lot of people in my life and I’ve come across a few perfectionists.
Their life revolves around the idea of being the best and doing everything right. The way they eat, the way they dress, the way they talk, bla bla blu blu.
Most of the time I notice them obsessing over the tiniest things, that may seem insignificant to the normal human, but to them, it’s a nag they need to set straight.
I was always amused by them. I even tried it once, I admit, haha. It wasn’t fun, let me tell you. While the idea may seem rational, it’ll drive you insane. Perfect things may be pretty, but it takes a lot out of you, and makes you see the world from a different point of view. It consumes you.

Me? I like it when I put an effort to make things right, but let it possess me? No way.
I like to let loose and let things have their way, and not be in charge of everything in my life, cause where’s the fun in that? Makes life seem dull, predictable, and boring.

So yeah, i don’t know what the point of this was, really, but something i had to get off my mind. And its off. I’m done here.

P.S. Picture isn’t relevant to post, but hey this is random, and I did take it. And it is quite nice, if I must say so myself. Heheteehee.

Until next time.


Sweet Escape…

Wow, it’s been a while since I actually sat myself down and written anything, doodling in my French text book not taken into consideration, haha.

I miss writing! It was really a big part of me, still is, and I want to write, write and keep writing, about life, about love, about anything, I just want to get my thoughts out there, and not let them just sit there at the back of my mind, get old and dusty and forgotten..

My life has become pretty hectic now. It’s pretty much the same routine everyday. I wake up, breakfast, gym, shower, prepare for college, college, home, catch up on some reading/watch a movie maybe, spend sometime on the social networks, to catch up on my school friends lives, dinner, and then I’m off to bed.

I don’t sleep right away, never did. For me, the midnight contemplations are unavoidable. I think about my life, about how mechanical it is. I think about my college, the place I hate the most, perhaps. But more on that in the next post, though it might take more than one post to describe how I feel about the place.

I drift away into another world slowly, a world where I fit in, where my social awkwardness is considered normal, and where the only fake things, are the duplicates from China, heh. Where girls don’t hide behind layers of make up, and where everyday is not a competition. Where guys don’t strip you naked with their eyes, wondering whether you should blame them or yourself..

I feel like I need to get away from my robot life, escape from it all for a while, just live for me, do what I want to do, and not care whether it’s acceptable by society. Just need to let loose. To do something different, to be something different…oh how I wish I could.