Hey, so here’s an update on my life.

Remember the guy I told you I like? Well, I spoke to him about it, and told him that I really like him and that he’d be much happier with me than with the other girl, and days later, HE ASKED ME OUT!!! Yay! I was so happy, still am!

There’s one issue though, he’s about my height, we’re both 5″7! And though I don’t have an issue with this, umm, I heard by principle the guy has to be atleast 6″ taller than you. I like him a lot and it doesn’t matter to me, but do you think that would affect our relationship in the future? I mean what if I wanna wear heels?..

Have you ever been with a guy shorter/same height as you, or a girl same height/taller than you?

How did it feel? All opinions welcome here.



Happy beginning.


How did you guys celebrate New Years? I was just at a small party with my friends, dance, music and good food. What else can one want? 😉

For me, 2011 was a year filled with mixed feelings, new experiences, making new friends, keeping the old ones, finding love and losing it. It was a wonderful year indeed, but, I’m glad it’s over. Like Barney Stinson had said, “New is always better.” I like to believe that.

Speaking of new, I’d like to start the year off with a diet. I’m not content with how I look, I’m not fat, but I could look better.

So if any of you guys know any ways to lose a couple of pounds real quick do let me know, I’d appreciate it. 🙂

More tomorrow.



Feelin’ happy? ❤

The past few days, I was depressed, unhappy, unsatisfied, and cranky.

I realized I was searching for reasons to be happy. How silly.

Who needs reason? Just be happy!

There are people who want you sad, who want you unhappy, who are just waiting for things to go wrong. There are obstacles, failures, and there’s bad luck.

But instead of worrying and giving a shit, we can just be happy. Not for anyone, just for ourselves.

So, I’m on my Christmas break, going to go for some girl-only time [come on , we all need it] with my friends. ❤

And I’m going to be very very happy, just because. I don’t need a reason. Neither do you. 🙂




Can you fill in the blank? 🙂