Pick-up lines.

What is a pick-up line?

pick-up line or chat-up line is a conversation opener with the intent of engaging an unfamiliar person for romance, or dating. Overt and sometimes humorous displays of romantic interest, pick-up lines advertise the wit of their speakers to their target listeners.

Off late, I’ve been a real Twitterholic. I spend most of my times tweeting my brain out and rambling away, checking up on my fav celebs and also all these funny pages with the not-always-funny jokes.

I’ve come across this! A twitter page for pick-up lines. Link included so if you’re on Twitter, you can check this page out.

Now. This made me wonder, do pick-up lines actually work? If I was at a local bar, and a guy was to walk up to me and use a line, like, for example, 

“Hey, did it hurt when you fell from the sky? Cause you must be an angel”,  or,

 “Smoking is hazardous to health, and baby…you’re killing me”, I wouldn’t fall for that, no matter how many tequila shots I had!

There are some really stupid pick-up lines, and there are some witty ones as well, but I know for sure that they wouldn’t work on me.

Have you ever had an experience with pick up lines? Did you use them, or were they used on you? How did it go?







I had a question in my exam today. It said.

                                                                                    Why do mirrors show the truth? Share your views

In my opinion, we’re all born with masks, but the problem is we’re not always happy with the masks we were born with, we want something more, to be something else, something bigger, better..to be someone else.

So we embrace these new masks, these new personalities we’ve attained, trying to be someone we’re not. Why? To impress someone? To be more accepted by society? We end up pleasing everyone. Except ourselves.


But when you’re back home, when you’re all alone, you look at yourself in the mirror, and the mask comes off, and you’re left with the hard ugly truth. You can try to fool whoever you want, but can you fool yourself? No.


The mirror, it show’s us what we are, what we’re hiding from. Nothing more, nothing less. And maybe it’s this truth that scares us. That after all you do, and all the people you please, you’re really all alone in the end. With no one left for you. Everyone has their life, their problems, and once you’re alone you’re on your own. It’s depressing. It’s scary, but it is what it is.

I wake up every morning, and I look in the mirror. I see a frustrated young woman, unhappy with so many things. But who really cares? So I put on my mask, hoping no one can see through it, but also secretly hoping that someone can, and maybe help me..

People are not mirrors. They see you completely different than the way you see yourself.



Am I to blame?

People get into relationships to feel happy, to feel less lonely, to feel loved. To finally have that someone who they can share their happiness, their joy, their ideas, and just their life with.  These people who claim to love us, are our sort of comfort, a kind of escape from the rest of the World. Someone we can be ourselves with. Someone we can be at ease with.

I met a guy, a couple of months back. We started of as friends, and it developed into something more, I really liked him, and became sort of attached. You know the usual routine, we started hanging out alone a lot, movies, late night conversations, etc etc. And it felt right, you know? I felt happy. Until some of our friends came to know.. we panicked, we made a quick decision to tell people we were in a relationship. At first it was weird, because this was my first open relationship, the first relationship people knew about. But eventually, I got used to it, and things were getting better for us.

I realized, with time, that although I really like him, we’re very different people. We always fight, sometimes we have nothing to talk about. He doesn’t try to understand me, he has come up with some sort of explanation of the sort of person I am, and he sticks to it, thinking that he’s right. Thinking he has me all figured out. 

He feels really insecure, he get’s annoyed whenever I get a little too friendly with a guy. Which in turn annoys me as I have more guy friends than girlfriends.

I love this guy, and I try to make him happy. And I wish he could make me happy too..

I know everything about this guy, I know everything he likes and everything he hates, I know how much he hates swimming and how he loves milkshakes from that cafe across the street. I can order his food for him. I met his entire family, even though families creep me out. I know his favourite colours, and that he likes stripey shirts. I know big things, and I know little things, like even though he tries to act tough, he cried at his sister’s wedding. And I think that’s like fuck adorable.

But I call him up a couple of days ago, and I’m left shocked and heart-broken at the fact that he doesn’t remember when my birthday is..

That’s when I realised that there’s no future with him. I can try to make it work all I want, but in the end he’s gonna make me feel like I’m the one who’s wrong in this relationship. I try and I try, but I’m left lost and alone. This is not what a person does when he claims to love you more than words can explain. Haha..


I guess I’m just tired of trying to fix something that’s hopeless. 




Makes you wonder..

You live with your family, in the same house, under the same roof, for 18 years, more or less. You think you know them well enough, you think you have a close relationship.. 

But everyone has skeletons in their closets, sometimes even the people who share their closets with you..

I recently came to know about what’s happening in my family members life. It hit me! Hard! Imagine, living with the same person for so long and thinking you know them better than most people do. And then you find out that you’re just like a stranger to them, just like anyone else on the streets. Unaware of what’s happening in their lives. 


Eeep! An award!

I wasn’t on for a long while due to my exams and what not, but when I did manage to log on today, I was ECSTATIC to receive the Liebster Award, from Addie,who is, if I may, an amazing and really inspirational blogger that I was lucky to come accross.

Soo, I know there are certain rules to be followed, but I’m running short of time, but I will be back soon, and will follow the complete procedure.

Thanks again,