What it takes to be a man.

I came across this picture sometime back. It was so well put, so brilliant. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Really moved me.





This goes with the recent rape cases that happened in my country. India.

When it happened the first time with a 23 year old, the public and the media tried to pin it on the girl, tried to make it her fault.

-“The girl was out late at night!”

-“The girl was so provocatively dressed.”

-“She wasn’t careful about where she was going.”


None of these are even close to  excuses to treat a lady that way and do something like that to a human being who’s not even capable of defending themselves, someone probably half your size. What if the same thing had happened to their mothers, or sisters, or even daughters maybe, would they have been okay with people blaming it on their relative/friend? NO.


Nothing changes. None of the protests, none of the candle marches, none of the action by the campaigns worked, I’m sad to say.

But what excuse did they have when they raped the 5 year old girl? To keep her captive in a room, with two men who took turns in raping her and inserting CANDLES into her genitals? A FIVE YEAR OLD CHILD.

Was she too provocatively dressed? Did she seduce you?  Did she lure you in, are YOU the victim here? Humanity has really got nothing more to lose, we’re at the bottom of a sunken ship.

Men think they’re the superior sex gives them a right to do whatever they please with a woman? They think a woman’s body is made for their pleasure and satisfaction?

I’m sad to say that the capital of my country had faced more than 300 cases of rape in the since Jan’13.

I’m sad to say that men, men who we’re supposed to count on to protect us, are the ones hurting women.


I’m not trying, by any means, to generalize this to all men, I’m just highlighting an issue. Not all men are demons, like not all women are saints. But humanity should exist in all of us, so should limits. There are men, and then there are animals. Yes, this sort of behavior is not human, it’s animal like.

                     A man is defined not by the inches in his pants, but the inches in his head.