Pick-up lines.

What is a pick-up line?

pick-up line or chat-up line is a conversation opener with the intent of engaging an unfamiliar person for romance, or dating. Overt and sometimes humorous displays of romantic interest, pick-up lines advertise the wit of their speakers to their target listeners.

Off late, I’ve been a real Twitterholic. I spend most of my times tweeting my brain out and rambling away, checking up on my fav celebs and also all these funny pages with the not-always-funny jokes.

I’ve come across this! A twitter page for pick-up lines. Link included so if you’re on Twitter, you can check this page out.

Now. This made me wonder, do pick-up lines actually work? If I was at a local bar, and a guy was to walk up to me and use a line, like, for example, 

“Hey, did it hurt when you fell from the sky? Cause you must be an angel”,  or,

 “Smoking is hazardous to health, and baby…you’re killing me”, I wouldn’t fall for that, no matter how many tequila shots I had!

There are some really stupid pick-up lines, and there are some witty ones as well, but I know for sure that they wouldn’t work on me.

Have you ever had an experience with pick up lines? Did you use them, or were they used on you? How did it go?